Added links to more Phelps articles in the Pipe Organ section. The menu has also been updated since the blog is no longer.
Changed ordering links to the Amazon.com. Previous change still went to CreatSpace.com. Howvever, that site is no longer available as it has been migrated to Kindle Direct Publishing.
Removed the "Also Available at Amazon.com" links on the Music page since the "ORDER" button now brings you directly to the Amazon page anyways.
Included Professor James H. Cook's Organ History inline on the Pipe Organs page.

Added a couple of new youtube videos to the previews below.

Added a few specific organ links to the links section.
Added the Pipe Organ section with some information on registration.
Yes I'm still here. Added an index to the Music page.
Added The Organ Experience to the Links page.
Added some more Links to Organ builders on that page.
The proofing is complete and the Suite for Christmas No. 3 is now available. It will soon also be available from Amazon.com.

I've re-arranged the Links page, ordering it by category and doing away with the images for each site link. There is also a "suggest a link" page with instructions to submit a link for inclusion on the links page. This can be a link that you found interesting in the organ realm or your own organ related site.

Waiting for my proof copy to verify that everything will print properly. It won't be long now. I'm also now on Twitter! Click the icon on the header image to go to twitter.
The book is in process! Suite for Christmas No. 3 has been laid out and submitted for approval at CreateSpace.Com. Now it will be down to proofing and then I can release it for sale.
The sixth piece for Suite for Christmas No. 3 is now posted as an mp3: Postlude (Praise to the Lord, the Almighty). Pre-production for the publishing of the sheet music book is now in progress. Check back for news regarding it.
And then there were five... I've posted the Meditation (We Three Kings) to Suite for Christmas No. 3. Also available on YouTube is my video for "The First Noel." Now it's on to the Postlude...
Rolling along... the Offertory (O Little Town of Bethlehem) has been added for Suite for Christmas No. 3. I'll update these recordings if I end up tweaking anything...
Finished and uploaded the MP3 for Introit (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear). It is available on the Music page.
Although the visual changes are minimal, I've re-done the site to make it HTML5 compliant (mostly...).
I've re-uploaded the two new pieces for Suite or Christmas No. 3. They can be accessed from the music section. They are new recordings and have been mastered a bit better than before. I've also changed the recording for "O Come All Ye Faithful" from Suite or Christmas No. 2 to a similar re-recording.
Coming a bit out of order, but the second piece for Christmas Suite No. 3 is posted as an Mp3: Anthem (Angels, from the Realms of Glory). Check back for further updates.
I have begun work on my Suite for Christmas No. 3. The first piece, the Prelude (The First Noel) is complete and posted in the music section.
Added a couple new videos on the bottom of the home page. They link to two great tocatta's that I've come across on YouTube.
Been a while since I did anything here. Changed some of the youtube videos below. No fear, I haven't abandoned the music... Remember to read my Blog too.

My Suite or Christmas No. 2 is now for sale.

I've compoleted the sixth selection, the Postlude, for Suite for Christmas No. 2 (O Come All Ye Faithful). The mp3 and the YouTube video are available. Now it's off to submit the book and get a proof so the suite can go on sale!

The mp3 and YouTube video for the fifth selection (Meditation - What Child is This?) for Suite for Christmas No. 2 has been added to the MUSIC section.

The fourth selection (O Holy Night) for Suite for Christmas No. 2 has been added to the MUSIC section.

The third selection (Angels We Have Heard on High) for Suite for Christmas No. 2 has been added to the MUSIC section.

The second selection (Once in Royal David's City) for Suite for Christmas No. 2 is finished and added to the MUSIC section. I'm now at work on the third (Angels We Have Heard on High).

Hymn Prelude Collection Vol. 3 is now published and available to ORDER.

The new section for Suite for Christmas No. 2 has been added along with the MP3 and the YouTube video for the Prelude (Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus).

Ended up changing the cover picture for Hymn Prelude Collection Vol 3 after I received the proof copy.

Added a guestbook.
Started a blog! Check it out by clicking the button on the menu at the top of the page or here.

Check out the youtube video of Diane Bish and Simon Preston playing Widor's Tocatta for the 5th Symphony below or by clicking here.

Added Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah mp3 and link to YouTube video.

Joined the Organ WebRing (see WebRing banner at the top of this page) and added a organ merchandise at the bottom of the main page from Zazzle.

Also have finished the arrangement for Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah. Now I'm into getting it recorded from Hauptwerk and mastered to an MP3 for upload to the sight. Also Volume 3 of Hymn Prelude Collection is in process for publishing. Stay tuned...

The arrangements for Messiah are now finished and the book is now for sale. Check it out in the Music section.

Added the MP3 and YouTube link for Abide with Me.

The YouTube video for Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain is put up on the Music page.

Added the MP3 for Worthy is the Lamb that was Slain. The scores are now in editing for publication for my solo organ arrangements of Messiah.

Added a cool You Tube Video demonstrating the workings of a pipe organ with a small self assembled model.

Modified the coloring of the page from dark red to blue.

Added The Trumpet shall Sound from Messiah in Music. I also added two more feature video frames on the front page for some extra variety.

Added the The Church's One Foundation YouTube video

Added the YouTube video for one of the Messiah selections.

Added MP3's of the Messiah selections I've completed so far.

Added Handel's Messiah for Solo Organ section to MUSIC

Added The Church's One Foundation mp3 file. This the first peice for the Hymn Prelude Collection Volume 3.

Hymn Prelude Collection Volume 2 is now on sale in the Music section.

Added the YouTube video for By the Sea of Crystal.

Added the mp3 for By the Sea of Crystal. The second volume of the Hymn Prelude Collection is currently in process for publishing.

Added sheet music free for downloading.

Suite for Christmas No.1 is now back at regular pricing. Thanks to those who bought over Christmas.

Slight reorganization of home page and addition of a fourth YouTube video on home page. Added new facebook page with like button on this home page.

Slight reorganization of home page and addition of a fourth YouTube video on home page. Added new facebook page with like button on this home page.

Discounted Suite for Christmas No.1

"Hymn Preludes Vol 1" is now on sale from the MUSIC page for $9.95.

Added mp3s and YouTube videos for "O God, Our Help In Ages Past," and "We Gather Together"

Added a bunch more Links of Interest

Added Links of Interest

Added Hymn Preludes Vol 1 mp3s and YouTube

Added Suite For Christmas No. 1

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